Dreamscaping Online Art Show

Dreamscaping: Transforming Dreams through Art. Art by Jeanne Rewa. May 18 - June 18.

Online solo art show of equine art by Jeanne Rewa that ran May 18-June 18, 2023, with an online live opening event May 18, 6-7pm Eastern time, and a virtual gallery open 24/7. 

I began this project to find out: Can we change our dreams through art? For over 20 years I have been visited in my dreams by a horse named Reno who was once my partner, then died in front of me. I drew, painted, carved, and collaged Reno for over a year while keeping a dream journal. Join me to explore how making art helped me to: remember Reno, process the feelings underlying my dreams, find new peace with the past, and uncover questions that go beyond Reno into the present.

Art from the show including originals and prints are available in the Etsy shop here.  Search the shop for the tag #Dreamscaping.  Postcard sets with 4 pieces from the show available here. $10 USD each (free shipping to US, $4 USD shipping outside US).

Here are some quotes from visitors to the show: